Short Films

Zapatos (2018)
5 min
"Zapatos" (Shoes) It's a very beautiful and fun short film in stop motion.
Director: Juan Camilo González and Cho Jim San.
Producer: Ecdysis Animation
Angel (2018)
10 min - Drama
Haunted from his own past, he begins a journey to find the truth.
Director: Diego Ernesto Enriquez
Producer: Efesos Producciones
Scarlet Whale (2018)
15 min - Drama / Fantasy
This is the story of a whale hunter, coming from a family that for generations has been dedicated to kill this giant and noble creature. A series of unfortunate events will make lose the most precious, his wife and son. He suffers a transformation that makes him into a whale, this way he see the world differently and begins to understand why his punishment.
Director: Cho-jim San
Producer: Ecdysis animation
I AM OK (2015)
1:45 - Comedy / Horror / Thriller
A man suffers from synchronous diaphragmatic flutter. Will he find a cure?
Director: Jean-Baptiste Brégon and Nicolas Villena
Khloros (2013)
6 min - Thriller
Music for the final scene.
Director: Fernando De Azevedo
Link (2012)
8 min - Action
A film for the Red Cross in France. Film score mixed by Philippe Colonna.
Director: Franck Guedj and Daniel Besikian

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